The use of voice overs in commercials continues to grow and thrive, whether to entertain, save lives or promote education, but first…

Why is it necessary to have voiceovers in a commercial? 

Voiceovers :

  • Are an integral part of any commercial.
  • Convey the brand’s tone and provide information about a service, product or brand.


Depending on the intended market and demographic, the voice may sound like a knowledgeable person, a loud neighbour, or perhaps an expert or scholar on a particular subject.

 Voice actors are carefully selected to appeal to the most likely audience for the product or service. 

Voice-overs for commercials for four-wheel-drive trucks will sound different than those for luxury sedans. 

The accent and tone are not the only factors that matter. 

It is also essential to consider the target audience when adjusting the rate of speech. 

Slower speech is sometimes used when conveying more intimate and dramatic emotion or when discussing complex topics.

In contrast, swifter, more energetic voices are often associated with sensationalism or selling to a younger audience. 

An essential part of the voice-over work is matching speech patterns, cadences, and tones consistently. 

As well as bringing their unique touch to the product, the voice over actor can create a memorable and distinctive voice for your brand. 

Considerations for Casting Commercial Voice Over Talent

Demographics of your target audience

Commercial voice over artists is classified differently depending on what their ideal clients are.

In addition to recording type and industry, you may also need to choose different sounds.  

Age, gender, or accent are factors that advertisers consider when selecting a target group, gender, or accent.

A Voice Actor’s Vocal Characteristics

The voice you choose must sound like the target audience. 

Because people generally want to gather information from someone that seems like a peer, be sure to match your voice and gender age with your end-users. 

Consider the age and gender of the viewers as well as their location. 

Where distinct accents are heard, use a local accent. 

Be sure to listen to several voice demos before deciding on the best voice for your commercial. 

Listen to my samples, and you can decide if I fit the voice you had in mind for your project.

Influence of commercial style on voice overs.

A commercial script’s type of sell will also influence the voice you choose.

There are two basic approaches to selling.

Soft vs Hard Sell.

Soft Sell 

Generally, soft sells are friendly and impressive. 

If your commercial conveys a relaxed tone, you may choose a voice over style that doesn’t seem too abrasive and sounds familiar to your target audience. 

When it comes to soft selling, humour often plays an important role.  

Your sales pitch will be more effective if you incorporate humour.

Hard Sell 

Hard sells are more aggressive and usually involve limited-time offers. 

You may prefer the voice of an announcer who commands your attention.  

Those advertisements are designed to encourage consumers to buy a product or service soon after seeing or hearing it.

The products offered in hard sells are not what consumers need daily and are therefore more aggressive. 

Consumers usually purchase these items because they desire them or want them. 

A hard-sell approach is generally more appropriate for items that are on sale, stock clearance or a limited period activity.

The type of voice you pick for your commercial depends mainly on the message you want to convey and the goal of the commercial. 

In the case of a hard sell, you will be looking for a voice over artist with a deeper register and an announcer-style voice. 

A pleasant voice in a high register, coupled with a friendly approach, will work well if your approach leans more towards the soft sell.

Voice Overs for Commercials: What Is Their Effect? 

A voice over for a commercial can provide narration to a variety of audio and video productions.

However, they also allow content to be more effective and stimulate emotion in viewers and listeners. 

By using voice overs, you can pique interest and spread information quickly. 

Messages delivered via voice overs are crucial to the effectiveness of media, drawing in consumers.

How are listeners affected by Voice Overs?

Every day, consumers are impacted by voice overs, whether they listen to them while driving, watching their favourite TV show, or at the movies. 

Voice overs are used in content specifically targeted at a specific audience, such as movie trailers and radio advertisements. 

To arouse excitement over an upcoming action movie, a trailer may use a deep and solemn voice.

An exciting voice may pique the interest of listeners without physical stimulation in a radio commercial.  

The goal of voice overs in commercials is to effectively communicate a message to the potential audience regardless of the medium. 

Do Voice Overs Work on You?  

Take a moment to consider how the voices in the media have affected you.  

Think of your favourite animated character. 

Is their voice appealing to you? 

Your favourite character likely has features that you like, along with a voice that appeals to you.  

Remember the last commercial you heard on the radio. 

Your decision to stay with the station or change stations is made in a few seconds. 

The voice used made a significant impact on your decision. 

The voice in the media either turns us off or draws us in. 

Regardless of how we feel about the sound of a voice, it tends to evoke emotions in us.  

There may be societal themes that cause us concern or movies or products that excite us.  

In any case, voiceovers can sway one’s feelings in either direction.

Voice Overs: Why are they Important?

Voice overs are a vital part of making your content more engaging. 

Your video will come to life when a voice actor uses different accents, styles, and expressions. 

Among the benefits of voiceovers are: 

  • You can make otherwise dull content more engaging by using voice overs for commercials. 
  • A great voice over can help you to stand out from your competitors. 
  • Voice overs also make your story more relatable and engaging by giving a narrator’s perspective. 
  • It is more visually appealing because the expressions are varied, accents are pronounced differently, and the voices are more precise. 
  • The video will look dull without background narration. 
  • During the video, narrating the scene in the background makes the audience more aware of the situation and why they are watching. 

Professional Voice Overs can help you localize your content.

Getting into the global market requires a more localized marketing strategy than just localizing your website. 

All your content – videos, audio, images, and texts – will be adapted and translated. 

To pass the language barrier and reach a wider audience, you need to localize any video you use for entertainment or webinars.  

Narrations can also localize podcasts, audiobooks, and commercials, but video and audio localization are more challenging than translating a script. 

Your content should adapt while the meaning remains intact, regardless of the reduction or extension of the text. 

Our voice over services proves valuable when finding the proper accent and voice to appeal to your audience.

Natural-sounding voice overs from professionals 

An average person reading a text in front of a microphone will sound precisely the way you intend.

There are too many pauses and no inflexions within the reading of a text. 

It’s not dynamic; there is no passion, just words and sentences constantly being said with no sense of coherence. 

In real life, no one speaks that way, but for some reason, public speaking scares many of us, and our rhythm and tone change a great deal when we’ve got a microphone in front of us.

Listeners won’t notice any interruptions because their voice talent knows how to control their rhythm and breathe. 

Since they have trained their voices for years, they know how to present any message easily and interestingly. 

Keep regional accents to the minimum.

Languages are regionally diverse. 

Take the English language, for instance, and think about the different ways native speakers from other countries pronounce it.

Voice professionals do not use an accent and speak neutrally. 

It is rare for amateurs to realize how they speak, so they overlook the need to improve. 

In some countries, these differences can distract the audience due to the regional accents evident immediately. 

Your brand’s voice is behind your videos and audio content, so just any native speaker cannot be the voice of your brand. 

Professional Voice Overs keep the viewer’s attention. 

According to 52% of marketers, video content has the highest ROI. 

It can increase an email’s open rate by 19% by using the word “videos” in the subject line. 

With the addition of a professional voice over, imagine how effective videos can be for improving conversion rates. 

Videos for commercials aren’t the only ones that the wrong voices can wreck. The same goes for presentations, interviews, products, corporate and training videos. 

A strange accent or an incorrect pronunciation can even cause viewers to focus on the speaker rather than the message. 

Your viewers’ attention will be captured and maintained with a professional voice over

In addition to being persuasive, they provide a rhythm to your script. 

Your content is delivered in an Elegant Package. 

Consumers lose interest in a company that does not utilize video, according to a study. 

But nothing kills an excellent presentation like a bad narrator who hesitates in front of technical jargon and long words and stumbles over words. 

Regardless of how good a video and script is, getting the viewers engaged will be an uphill task if the voice over is flat. 

Professional voice talent follows the right approach according to your script. 

They have a way of making each word heard because of the quality of their voices.

Online visibility increases with good vibes. 

According to statistics, high-quality presentations generate 1200% more shares than images and text put together. 

To achieve this kind of engagement, you must create visual stories that involve pleasant sounds and excellent text – voice and music. 

Video content with sub-standard visuals and inferior audio will not draw more viewers to your business. 

Your audience will appreciate the inclusion of a professional voice-over, and you will convert them into customers. 

When a balanced message is conveyed, people can follow it easily. 

Time and cost reduced during production. 

The cost of professional voice overs for your small business may seem excessive. 

Nevertheless, when done correctly, you’ll see a much greater return on investment. 

You’ll save yourself from days of trial and error by hiring professional voice talent.

Most VO talents have their recording studio. Perhaps offering some form of additional remuneration can help with not just recording your script but assist you in laying the audio for your presentation. This extra work can be beneficial if filming and editing your video is what you have been doing or intending to do.

Voiceovers convey emotions 

Professional voice talent understands the emotion behind each line. 

As a result of the talent’s many years of experience, they can accomplish this. 

Using the right emotion in every communication is imperative. 

Voice actors develop fundamental skills and give characters personality, making audio or video content successful. 

In addition to guiding readers through your text, they also direct them to the intended destination. 

To emphasize the critical points you want to convey, they emphasize specific words and phrases that draw attention to the right angles. 

You can focus on your message rather than raise your eyebrows whenever you don’t understand something the VO has said.  

Whether you need voice overs for a commercial or any other project, give us a call today to find the best voice actor.

There has never been a more accessible way to obtain the services of a professional voiceover